Other stuff

From the making of "Min hjärtans aller käraste" 2015.
From the making of ”Min hjärtans aller käraste” 2015.

Here is a list of other projects and events that I have or are involved in:

  • Historical movies. I have produced two historical short movies tighter with actor Gustav Ekman Mellbin. the first one, ”Detta skall tu hafva på köpet”, was made in 2011 and is shown at the exhibition of Västmanlands läns museum. the other one, ”Min hjärtans aller käraste” was made for the museum at Väsby kungsgård in Sala and is also shown at Västmanlands läns museum.
  • I have been involved in a project tighter with Carl Jan Granqvist that deals with the history of western Bergslagen.
  • I’m a member of a group (FOU-group) of researchers that works with Bergslagssatsningen.
  • I’m involved in the education of new guides at Sala silvermine.